Demo of a WordPress ELN for LabBook.Cloud

Demo of a WordPress ELN Using the Directories Pro Plugin for Data and Maps

Overview of this Website

This is an example of a WordPress Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) with geo-location capabilities that was built with some paid version of some plugins. The data in this website is from an NSF research project for testing soil samples. The project studied soil samples which contained bacteria that could break down the chemicals paraoxon or methyl parathion.

Please see our Help page for an overview of the main sections of this site. 

This ELN Will Soon Be Available on LabBook.Cloud

This version of an Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN) will soon be available for hosting on the LabBook.Cloud provider. You will of course be able to setup the protocols for your own data collection scenarios. But the features that you see here will be available to you and managed by LabBook.Cloud. These features include the following.